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The Lonely Act of Waiting in Pictures

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Nicky Hamilton is a commercial and fine art photographer from London. In his series « Take me away », he portrayed the lonely act of waiting. An idea inspired by a scene he lived, late at night, in Westcliffe. As he came back home late, he went by a Chinese take away named Canton House. There, he saw the owner sitting behind the counter, watching the television and waiting for clients. « The dark wooden walls, soft lighting and the way the television illuminated his face seemed to emulate him sitting in his living room, this visually struck me and thoughts around a series portraying customers and the proprietor waiting in this interesting environment enticed me to make the project », he precises.

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As seen previously in his series, the photographer sets his own decor. This time, it is a replica of the shop which was built as a set in his studio. « I worked closely with the owner ‘and original source of inspiration’ who loaned the shops pictures for props and also agreed to feature in the series». Before he adds: « The interior of the shop hasn’t changed since the 1970s, which I loved, especially seen in contrast to some of the customers portrayed. To help the age of the shop come across I decided to shoot the project on film which adds a beautify quality to the scenes, the grain and rendition of colors adds a very cinematic feel which I was pleased with.

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