jun 25, 2017

Skate – Poetry

written byStaff
in category Foto / Video

For his latest series, photographer Luke Paige traveled to Paris to capture shots of skaters in a very recognizable black and white style. This Slovenian-based sports fan adds a sense of peaceful isolation. After Jan Robek and Miha Miklavcicas, it is the turn of the Parisian Antoine Plainfosse to be the muse of the photographer.
Vía Fubiz (copy&paste)

Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-1 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-2 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-3 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-4 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-6 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-7 Luke-Paige-Paris-fubiz-8

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