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The Volkswagen Beetle. Juiced Up

25 oct , 2011  

vía DigitalBuzz (Copy&paste)

Have you seen the new Volkswagen Beetle? At first glance it’s actually pretty cool and decently aggressive. A major shift for Volkswagen’s Beetle. So how did they launch the biggest ever re-vamp of a classic old car? Well, through a series of standard billboards, bus shelters and just about every other traditional print-based media property they could buy…

Weird for Volkswagen right? Who launched the Golf with a custom version of the most popular iOS racing game app called Real Racing. Well, there is a slight twist, every ad is housing an Augmented Reality experience (by Red Urban) that is waiting to be unlocked… The only catch is, you have to download a custom app and then hold it up at the various advertisements to activate it…

I love most things AR, and the concept of using it to bring a whole series of ads to life is very cool, but I just wonder what the interaction/adoption rates are like? What do you guys think?

Posted by Aden Hepburn

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